Scribes' Descent

book cover Mikklesia is a nation obsessed with technology, where research centers like the Facility crank out inventions that prolong life and eradicate disease. Death seems obsolete, until a violent quake rocks the Facility and destroys a nearby city. Geologists are baffled, because quakes are supposed to be impossible on planet Daishon.

Eighteen-year-old Mallory Leighyan mourns her lost loved ones as her hometown rebuilds. Just when life starts to feel normal again, her best friend's father winds up missing. Klein never came home from his contract work at the Facility, and nobody knows why. When the authorities can't find him, Mallory conducts a search of her own. She enters the Facility as an intern and learns Klein has descended into a deep vault thought to be impenetrable. She goes in after him, plunging into an underground realm of danger.

To find Klein and discover what triggered the quake, she must explore the smoldering depths of the world, where an ancient monster awaits.

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